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Now Miami Hyatt is secure.


J & P Security is honored to have had the opportunity to meet with the team at the prestigious Hyatt in Miami, FL and work alongside them to provide an updated state-of-the-art security system. The facility now boasts 64 new High Definition cameras, from long-range PTZ's to domes and have all been equipped with Full Color Night Vision as part of their innovative and carefully constructed design plan. Security personnel now have better means of securing the site and ensuring the safety of all guests and staff.


Expansions in the Near Future...


J & P Security is opening offices soon in Dominican Republic, making it the second location of exceptional security coverage in the Caribbean area. Future expansions in Netherlands as well as Antilles are scheduled in the near future.

From the Owner's Desk...


As the leading security service integrator in the greater South Floridian Metropolitan area for over 8 years, here at J & P Security, we specialize in making your business and home the safest it can possibly be. I know firsthand that peace of mind and safety of your business is of utmost importance as I have been a business owner in the industry for over 30 years, myself.


Our team at J & P Security has built a reputation for service that is second to none, and is ready to work with you in assessing, designing, and installing a quality and professional surveillance system that you know you can trust to keep your business or residence secure. Not only do we want to exceed your expectations in achieving your goals, but we also want you to be confident that our top of the line products will have the potential to save your business and even save your life.


Thank you for taking the time to see what services we have to offer, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with business owners who know that a successful business is a secure business.



Julio Fernandez

Executive Engineer

We believe quality is the most important factor when designing and implementing a highly advanced security system in order to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your business and employees for years to come.

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We are dedicated to having a job well done right the first time, and want to be thorough in our efforts to provide you exceptional service for the life of our business relationship and future years when expanding our services with you.

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Our experienced and educated sales team knows in order to integrate a system that is created just for your business or residence, he or she must have extensive knowledge of your needs and the ability to implement a complex system that is unparalleled.