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Miami Hyatt Now Secure


J & P Security is honored to have had the opportunity to meet with the team at the prestigious Hyatt in Miami, FL and work alongside them to provide an updated state-of-the-art security system. The facility now boasts 64 new High Definition cameras, from long-range PTZ's to domes and have all been equipped with Full Color Night Vision as part of their innovative and carefully constructed design plan. Security personnel now have better means of securing the site and ensuring the safety of all guests and staff.

Expansions in Near Future


J & P Security opening soon in Dominican Republic it second location to cover the Caribbean area. 

Day/Night PTZ with 100x Zoom (10x Optical / 10x Digital), powered over CAT5...

SmartControl CAT5 and  the first line of true plug-and-play CAT5 analog indoor flush mount dome cameras in the industry. Three different sensors. The "H" Color@Night sensor delivers 960H full color at night...

Our NVR solution is a professional Megapixel IP camera recording system that is designed and built according to each set of project specifications...

Enterprise Series Digital Video Recorder, now featuring Real Time 960H Recording and Playback at 30 FPS on All Channels. HDMI (and VGA) video out at 1920p x 1080p provides stunning video detail and clarity...

Key Access Entry Systems

From basic card access systems to ones that have more advanced biometric technology, J & P Security has what fits your needs complete with alarms.

At J & P Security, we specialize in the assessment, design, installation, project management and service of professional audio and video surveillance systems across the globe. We align ourselves with our costumers as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives and have developed a reputation as a premier vendor of high tech security systems for over 8 years in the South Floridian Metropolitan area.


Our team at J & P Security is confident that our security solutions are exactly what you are looking for. In short we want your business and will work diligently to help keep your cost to a minimum, without compromising quality standards which are the rock and foundation of our company.


Join with us as we strive to better your business or secure your home for a bigger, better, and safer tomorrow!

SmartControl®  Cameras

Patent pending technology makes it possible to provide power, video, and On Screen Display to analog CCTV cameras, over a single CAT5 cable.

Color@Night® HD Cameras

See everything with Color@Night® technology. High resolution cameras with full shades of color during the night.

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