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Light-Pro DVR

Our NVR solution is a professional Megapixel IP camera recording system that is designed and built according to each set of project specifications.


Running smoothly and reliably on Windows7, this convenient solution supports H.264 video compressions and dual streaming. Intelligent PTZ control supports joysticks and software enabled digital PTZ lets you pan, tilt and zoom in both live and recorded video for stunning video detail and clarity. Renowned, user friendly and intuitive CMS software and full remote access via browser, client, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone & Android keep you connected no matter where you are. Intelligent 5-Way video search and monitor resolution up to 1280 x 1024 make this NVR a perfect choice. Step up to professionally designed and built NVR's for all of your IP camera projects.



•Professionally designed and built to your project specifications

•Supports Megapixel IP cameras

•Supports H.264, M-JPEG & MPEG-4 video compressions

•Windows XP ensures stability & reliability

•CMS + browser based + client application + mobile GUI's

•Digital PTZ lets you pan, tilt & zoom inside live & recorded video for stunning detail & clarity

•Browser + remote + mobile access (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad & Android)

•5-Way Intelligent Video Search (Motion, Missing Object, Foreign Object, Loss of Focus, Camera Occlusion)