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Your home is your refuge, your shelter from the outside world which guests visit you, not to mention the place where you and your family sleep. Having a quality security system installed makes your home a place of comfort once again that also protects you from unwanted guests and unfavorable behavior.

J & P Security Services in your Community...

We offer state-of-the art products for government facilities to keep sensitive areas on high alert and security. Using biometric technologies and advanced security software and cameras, J & P Security strives to keep your community well protected.

J & P Security is dedicated to partnering with business owners around the globe and assessing every one of their security needs to ensure their presence as owner of their business is duplicated through a top-quality, but user friendly security surveillance system.

Manufacturing & Industrial

In the Industrial marketplace today, production costs continue to rise, making loss prevention an exceedlingly important issue. At J & P Security, we offer the best solutions on the market to protect your industrial area from hazards such as fire, theft, vandalism, and help you monitor other issues in production downtime and employee productivity.

Retail Industry

Whatever kind of retail business you may have invested in, we know theft, employee productivity,customer service, and customer liability are just a few issues you will run into while trying to increase profitability. J & P Security systems can take the weight off your shoulders when running your business with the best solutions to deter shrinkage and give you peace of mind.

Distribution Facilities

Distributors have been turning to J & P Security for years to provide carefully planned wireless security systems that ensure safety of the perimeter of their facility, provide keycard access control to monitor traffic in and out, and supply video assessment to analyze day-to-day operations.

Colleges & Universities

Great pressure to increase safety in schools and campuses is increasing. Theft, personal crimes, and vandalism are just a few issues J & P Security can offer effective solutions for. We can help protect the safety of your students and staff, while also safeguarding your school against incidents that can lead to litigation.

Government Facilities


J & P Security provides carefully designed, integrated security solutions that meet the specific needs of your government site, whether your agency is local, state, or federal. We offer fully integrated IP-network and analog security solutions as well as advanced biometrics any large facility can depend on.

Residential Communities

Our team at J & P Security know a reliable and user-friendly security system is crucial to protecting your loved ones and assets where you want it most--home. Our complete array of products can be used to protect a full range of residential properties from personal residences to multi-unit dwellings, hotels,  and apartment buildings.

Office Buildings

Each commercial office has specific  business needs, day-to-day operations, and regulations that make the environment unique when designing an innovative security system. By understanding this and  implementing a system customized just for your building, we can ensure your employees, visitors and assets are secure.

Financial Institutions

A banking institution's success and reputation are based on how well it provides it's banking customer's the security of their investments and assets. With the emerging challenges these facilities face, J & P Security can ensure the safety of your financial facility with confidence and assist you in implementing a key component to your business.